Guardians of the Family: Steel To Gold: Feminism Vs. Stateswomanship Pt. 2

In our fourth podcast, we continue our discussion of Rachel DeMille’s article Steel to Gold: Feminism vs Stateswomanship.   We talk about our vision as women and the what, how, and the why we must make a difference in the world.  We also discuss our job as women to raise the 12 people that will raise our great-grandchildren, who those 12 people are, and how we can with confidence and vision raise those 12 people successfully.

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Guardians of the Family: Feminism vs. Stateswomanship Pt. 1

Thank you for joining us for part 1 of 2 as we discuss Rachel DeMilles”s article “Steel to Gold: Feminism vs. Stateswamanship.”   Ancient women had confidence and vision, they walked side by side with their husbands, and they understood that their objective was the maintenance of the family unit.  In this podcast we discuss how modern women came to loose that confidence and vision.  We also discuss what feminism looked like historically, the different kinds of feminism we see today, and why it is important to recognize and understand their differences.

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Guardians of the Family: The Family; A Proclamation to the World


In this podcast, we discuss the document The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  The Family Proclamation is a blue print for successful, happy families.   Families are designed by God, and he has a plan for us and our families.  The Family Proclamation outlines God’s doctrine on the family and gives us the principles we need to apply individually and in our homes to make our families stronger.

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Guardians of the Family: The Calm Before the Storm

Welcome to the first podcast of Guardians of the Family!  In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk about our reasons behind starting a podcast.  We also discuss an article titled, “The Calm Before the Storm,” by Oliver DeMille.  In the article Oliver puts forth the idea that reading, studying, writing, and discussing the classics are things we can do now that will help us to change the world for the better.  Listen and find out why classics are so important and what you can do to get started.

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